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BeHeard Communications is a multicultural professional American Sign Language Agency that provides interpreters of various skill levels and backgrounds. BeHeard Communications services most all areas including, educational, religious, medical, arts, entertainment, hospitality, government, and social services. Our interpreters are very active in the Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities which makes us very aware and sensitive to Deaf Culture and the Community needs.


To inspire humanity, eliminate barriers, and blend the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and hearing worlds.  An inclusive agency to modify the misconceptions of the community and influence the culture.



Competently and compassionately represent the needs of our clients, contractors, and customers




Argue for, side with and clearly represent the interests of our clients



Consistently, trustworthy, honest and reliable




Recognize the value of every person just as they are and their contribution to the betterment of humanity



Ramel Williams began his sign language journey at the Goodwill Industries headquarters as an employment consultant (job coach) working with persons with disabilities. While assisting a deaf client with job training skills, the client expressed to Ramel that there was a necessity for black male sign language interpreters in the Deaf Community.


Thus, while attending Vincennes University and graduating with an Associate of Arts degree in Deaf studies, Ramel found himself submerged in Deaf Culture and developed the skills to communicate with Deaf individuals. With many years of interpreting experience, Ramel has been a professional freelance interpreter in many spaces including educational, medical, religious, concerts, and many other areas. He is also a member of the Indianapolis Fire Department as a firefighter, a mentor, coach, and advocate for many Deaf youths at the Indiana School for the Deaf.


Additional education includes a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Emporia State University, Master of Art degree in Industrial & Organizational Psychology from Indiana Wesleyan University and various interpreting training and certifications. The ten-plus years of interpreting experience demonstrates the dedication and passion Ramel has for the Deaf Community. With BeHeard Communications, he will be a continued support and an ally to the Community. 

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